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Battlbox Mission 36 Unboxing- Active Shooter / Mass Casualty Response

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Battlbox Mission 36 is sadly relevant. It contains potentially life-saving gear for helping in the aftermath of a mass casualty event like an active shooter situation.

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9 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 36 Unboxing- Active Shooter / Mass Casualty Response

  1. Very good review with very good gear, im army national guard infantry /mechanic, these items will most definitely save a life. I think they should have included a turniquet but they are not expensive to get, and mabe some combat gause, but this system will work great. Thanks again buddy stay safe.

  2. Hey buddy. Been a subscriber for a while now. I enjoy guitar, the same as you do. I noticed on your review of the camp chair you actually played your theme music that you created. Do you actually have a video or recording of that song? Just curious because I would really like to hear it. Cool tune.

  3. A good video and nice battlebox items. Yes, it is sad things are going like they are today. Yes, we need to be prepare and trained.

  4. Thanks for sharing, you are correct it is a shame, but a truth we must face. Not only to protect ourselves and our families but to help our fellow man! Excellent job sir and advice, get some training!

  5. Good boxes. I really wished someone with a ccw. Would stop one of these nuts before they get started. Its so bad now, that at my cousin Church, they run practice drills on what to do. And there are 5 people inside the Church carrying, but know one knows who they are. Putting boxes like this in Chruches and Schools.

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