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Battlbox Mission 32 Self Defense Box Review

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Battlbox Subscription Box Mission 32 “Self Defense” Box.
This is the best subscription box service that I’ve found.

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Rubber Dummies 3D Target:

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7 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 32 Self Defense Box Review

  1. Hey im a 14 year old watching this. I was wondering if you could do a video about self defense for teens for at school ,and away from school.

  2. From the comments it sure seems like other countries have some aweful defence law. Whether you like disagree, or hate the tools here, at least you get to see them and judge for yourself. I personally think the alarm would be great for my wife and if she felt confident enough, the spray also.

  3. Man this is an awesome review. I’ve been carrying that Readyman fixed blade from this box myself, and it’s by far the most concealable EDC knife system I’ve come across. I really appreciate the ‘levels’ of defense included here. Sometimes for me it’s much better to use a Knife/Spray combo than carrying my Glock. On neighborhood walks and with small children present, I appreciate the options for defense this particular box gives me and my wife. A+ Battlbox on this Mission!

  4. Eric (ebomy) did this box the other day, *but* You like to show how to *use* this stuff, lol (YES, I will go to Full30 an’ thumb THAT vid up as usual) 😉

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