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Battlbox Mission 30 – Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Disaster

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Battlbox Mission 30 covers chemical, biological and radiation preparedness. With everybody concerned about a possible nuclear war with North Korea, the timing on this one was uncanny.

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13 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 30 – Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Disaster

  1. Awesome box, I think with all the stuff in the news this could be considered the Cuban missile crisis of our time with the threat of nuclear war.

    But I’m not worried about it, NK knows it’s the end of their regime if they really do want to go to war with the US and the rest of the world.

    1. +Jarhead6 yeah, but to be fair, it is military surplus and probably what the vast majority of people are buying. I think it at least serves as a reminder that a $15 surplus item may not be the best choice if you are really concerned. Of course, it is probably way better than nothing.

  2. As a 6-7yr old boy I have the memories of reading the Emergency Preparedness Manual that was distributed to High School Students, by the Government. Air- Raid sirens and shelters were installed every where, quite disturbing but being red pilled so fully at such a young age had a lasting effect. For me, life could not be viewed through rose colored glasses. No one wants to need the contents of this months BB but the info in the manual is very valuable. Thanks Brian for your lite hearted views about getting out of Dodge and all the good work you do to improve the common mans awareness . love and prayers.

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