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Automation, Major Job Loss, Economic Collapse, Humans Need not Apply and Prepping

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I discuss the implications of automation of the workforce on a post-collapse world. Who will lose their jobs in the near future? How will robotics/ robots, transhumanism, mechanization of the workforce and artificial intelligence shape the future landscape of employment opportunitues. Another after the collapse installment.

Will a robot take your job?

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8 thoughts on “Automation, Major Job Loss, Economic Collapse, Humans Need not Apply and Prepping

  1. Dude this is just another example of the broken window fallacy, the reason corporations are “out of control” is because of government protection through corporate status… Seriously corporations almost always vote democrat. The current economic shit show is due to more and more socialization of the private sector Jesus people read a book.

    1. Seriously read a book called “economics in one lesson”. It’s funny the only “Solution” to this problem is more government control, but history tells us don’t trust the government like what the hell people. We do no live in a free market so stop blaming it. Y’all are intellectually lazy, when the cotton gin was invented same dumb motherfucker’s were saying the same thing, muh jobs we will all starve because coffer linings… We need more government. Sick of this crap read a fucking book people one fucking book! ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON.

  2. I still had wash my dishes, and I do have a sowing kit and many other hand tools even hand saws and drill that I still use if it is something small job I would just use the hand tools

  3. Trust me; in such a scenario: YOUR job will not be “secure”… YOU will not be secure. In such a scenario… NOTHING will be secure. All hell would break loose and money will be the last thing on anyone’s mind. You’re not going to have your happy little life and job and shit while the masses are jobless and nothing electrical works. You and I and everyone we know will be fighting for survival against hoards of lunatics who will use brute force to Take whatever others have.

  4. If this electro magnetic pulse scenario happened even now, or 20 years ago… it would have spelled Armageddon anyways. So perhaps after we automate all these stupid jobs that take up all our time – maybe then we will have the time to focus on learning and practicing survival skills incase such a thing occurred. But as things currently stand – it is our jobs that keep us from learning what it would take in the electro pulse scenario to survive. It is also our jobs that are causing mass health issues; work place deaths and injuries, cancers, obesity and many mental illnesses. Automation can free us all from our cages and let us run (or walk, or hike, or fish…) free.

  5. Sector 6
    Money creation.. The friendly folks at the fedbancorp have graciously agreed to take the burden of money creation off the hands of the overworked worthies at our exemplary treasury..
    In the bargain, fedbanc have selflessly lent the dollars so produced to Treasury.. This allows the harried sens and reps in Congress’ hard working committees to be able to appropriate.. Funds.. So the troublesome debt ceiling can be raised without that uncomfortable gvt shut down charade..
    Think how considetate the owners of the fedbancorp are ! Just charging such a nominal interest rate… Meaning gvt merely has to print up batches of t bonds to trade with feddy for scrip FRNs ! NO LONGER DOES GVT HAVE TO MESS WITH ALL THAT GREEN INK AND BLACK INK ! ALL THAT WORRYING IF SOME DEPLORABLE MIGHT COUNTERFEIT GVT ISSUED FIAT CURRENCY.. UNITED STATES NOTES !


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