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A Premium Quality and AFFORDABLE Survival Tool

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Only 30$ if in the USA this tool is an absolute no brainer and if you dont have one you are a huge loss. Use less time and energy

Pick up one at Big Bear Tools in Canada

Or Sherril Tree in the USA

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7 thoughts on “A Premium Quality and AFFORDABLE Survival Tool

  1. Agree… a high quality saw is your best tool when processing large amounts of wood. I went with the Gomboy, super pleased with it.

  2. what works better and is cheaper? a Silky saw blade held in the visegrip of a Crunch multitool. Pair that with Condor’s new e tool (offset the saw teeth yourself with vise, drift punch, and hammer.

  3. being a us citizen i dont get canain weather you sould make a vid on your weather because your weather is the what will hit us ty

  4. awesome videos man. excellent content. thank you. for the saws, what teeth size do you usually get, medium, large, extra large?

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