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90% of USA at Risk of EMP Claims MSM

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I discuss some recent articles that are popularizing the notion of EMP in the USA.

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7 thoughts on “90% of USA at Risk of EMP Claims MSM

  1. I’m at the point where I just don’t care about the day to day threats anymore. I’m ready but I’m burnt out on the BS over all the media platforms. And yes, when I saw this story the first thing I thought was pre war hype just like we had for Iraq.

  2. Personally i think the MSM in America tends to be there to put fear in the hearts and minds of the Americans. Seeing ‘Fear is bad counselor’ … and especially coming from the Military Industrial Complex, likely fist deep in the CIA, NSA and what not, need the American public to be afraid, or else they might decide not to give them a blank 1trilion dollar check… This might also be why they won’t harden the grid (if they even could), because if there is no threat there is no reason to act or react to it… hardening the grid is a one time operation, waging war is something you can keep doing… …

  3. On the surface it is a setup propaganda program to justify getting “them” before they get us. Fear mongering to make sure the masses follow the narrative. Under that is the very real need to EMP proof the grid just because it needs doing. The threat of a coronal mass ejection is very real with historical precedent that proves the potential. If it guards against the remote possibility of a nuke EMP then all the better. If the big corps/government need the sheeple scared in order to motivate them to support and fund the program then they are not above banging on the EMP is gonna kill us all drum. I would fear the social upheaval and anarchy as a result of masses of people who are relying on somebody cleaning their concrete cages and delivering their food and other supports they have become dependent on. This is especially true in centers where they are already on the edge of social collapse and there are more than a few of those places in the US. In the rural areas the impact – especially at the societal level -would not be so chaotic. Certainly 90% would not be at risk of death at the hands of rioting former dependents. In rural areas the headline would be more like; “90% of rural Americans could be seriously inconvenienced by an EMP”. But that’s not scary enough to motivate people.

  4. I would say either one would be possible. But as know the media love blood they will always push the most blood thirst motives.

  5. You know its hard to say what North Korea’s capabilities really are, the only information we get on it is from media and politician’s. Information I think we can agree cant truly be trusted. If North Korea could or couldn’t pull it off doesn’t matter because I am sure thier are others that could. That makes it a threat like anything else, and if it’s a threat then we should be preparing for it.

  6. I have to get a metal trash can and put a radio in there and all of the solar things. I want an inverter and some charge controllers in there. I will at least have some electricity.

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