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Thank you guys for an amazing 2017. Happy new year. Let’s smash some goals together!

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Instrumental produced by Chuki : ()

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14 thoughts on “20K SUBSCRIBER Q&A & HUGE UPDATES!

    1. +The Evil Twin yeah it’s a complicated blade with a lot of style put into it. Not many smiths out there who can match the look of our last guy. Def working on it tho!

    2. MASK Tactical Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Keep us posted , I think you had a really great design that will interest many of your crew. There are lots of custom makers right here in YouTube, maybe one of them could fit your bill.

      Thanks for all you do.

    3. +The Evil Twin we had to halt it mid last year due to our smiths failure to deliver. Currently in pursuit of the right Smith to bring it back.

  1. Thank you primal, your advise will go a long way with me much appreciated happy new year 🙂 By the way forgot to ask, please please please make at least one copy available for me to buy and get to the uk I will guaranteed buy one!

    1. +Adis Čizmić sorry man. I didn’t totally understand the question due to our slight language barrier. I’d be happy to answer it in a comment if you can reword it for me.

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