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2018 Gun Control Legislation

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2018 Gun Control Legislation
H.R. 5087 Assault Weapons Ban 2018
H.R. 5103 Increase Excise Tax on Firearms & Ammunition
S. 2475 Bump Act
S. 2470 Raise Age to 21 for Firearm Purchase


White House Switchboard Comments: 202-456-1414.
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

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7 thoughts on “2018 Gun Control Legislation

  1. So you can’t trust 18-20 year old people to have guns because you can’t trust their judgement but you’ll listen to 18 year old high school student’s judgement about banning guns.

  2. Single mothers are a major contributor to our current situation. If anything should be banned, it should be single mothers, with widows being the exception.

  3. These bill particularly the one on the governors desk in Florida would make it possible in certain situations for the police to take your guns under suspicion of numerous things! A lot of these states are in what I would call a gun grab trial. If they are successful in removing firearms from law abiding citizens with bogus claims or just get people to turn their firearms in other states will soon follow. This Florida shooting will not be the last unfortunately. There will come a day when we will have to fight for our rights if we wish to keep them! Politicians do not have your best interests in mind. As we see now they can be persuaded by emotional children who don’t understand what is going on and what the outcome will be if our 2nd amendment right is taken away. Yes these gun laws will prevent some bad people from Legally owning a firearm but mostly it will take the firearm away from good honest citizens! The point of all this is they want us defenseless against there tyranny!

  4. I live in toms river nj and we had a shooting . It was over drugs witch is not Normally for here. But it was down the road from my home . And his was found to be stolen. And the anti gun assholes are like we need more gun controls wtf

  5. Label me a felon lol, and add to that 100 fold when you try and enforce. The only law’s that matter are the law’s of Nature.

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