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2018 EDC Everyday Carry

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2018 EDC Everyday Carry. Being well prepared for everyday task.

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11 thoughts on “2018 EDC Everyday Carry

    1. SensiblePrepper i agree, the only thing we really do differently is that i edc a g19 every day. I dont actually own a smaller gun. But the new gen 5 g26 is very tempting after your review.

  1. Sootch, I’m living in a place out in the British country. I’m looking to get a new blade to primarily use for utility around the property that I live on. Do you think I should use a folding knife or a fixed blade, and if so do you have any recommendations – for reference, my budget is around the $200 range (yes we use £ in the UK, but to make things simpler for you there is my budget in $). I am really open to suggestions and am very educated in knives also. I’ve been looking at some benchmades, gerbers, etc, but have been simply unable to decide. PLEASE HELP

  2. Normal EDC for me is Saddleback leather bi-fold, Benchmade 940, Fenix LD01, iPhone 8+ with Magpul OD green field case.

    A carry option would be a CZ P-01 or Sphinx SDP Black both leather pancake at 4 o’clock.

  3. Cool that you like the Pilot G2. I us we them all the time at work all the time and keep them as my go to pen for writing. I’m still thinking of a good “Tactical” pen to have a backup weapon, but for EDC…love the Pilots. Thumbs up.:-)

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